We have a 24-hour Control Room manned at all times by our Control Room Managers. Our Control Room is fully equipped with the latest electronic technology for effective communication, monitoring, control and command of all officers, vehicles and sites.

Our Site Managers are issued with cellular phones to add value to the two-way communication. It is Company Policy for all personnel employed by us to be in possession of mobile phones. Our Control Room Supervisors use highly efficient systems to monitor the movement of our Security vehicles through the Internet – (Mobile live feed navigation systems).


The image of our Personnel is an important reflection on our Organization. They are issued with uniforms, firearms, handcuffs, communication devices, torches, tonfa-batons and SWAT pepper spray.


Supervisors monitor the progress of officers at all sites and report to an Operational Manager. Security Officers in our Guarding Division have to report every hour on the hour, 24/7 to the Control Room to report situations reports. Such reports are captured for reference purposes.

The Operations Manager is always in contact with the Supervisors through radio and mobile communications to assess the effectiveness of the services provided by Officers on duty. We have competent people responsible for operations as well as services. They ensure that there is ongoing communication with clients. Appropriate action is always taken – during the whole term – to respond to the client’s needs