KZN VIP PROTECTION SERVICES was established with the sole purpose of combating crime. It offers its professional services, of well selected and fully trained security officers to it’s clients and industry and other areas where these services are needed on a twenty-four hour, seven day week basis.

KZN VIP PROTECTION SERVICES is a registered member of P.S.I.R.A. (Reg. No. 1270709). Our distinguishing characteristic is that we are committed to offering a level of service that can be trusted to protect client’s assets from bad and dangerous elements.

We only employ officers of the highest quality whereby most of our personnel are either ex-policemen or have military trained. Some of our members are still in the military reserve units. The Company originated in 1998 whereby we concentrated on doing Close Protection (Body Guarding).

personnel are capable of executing their duties to the letter. Regular refresher training courses of our members ensures that they are equipped with all the latest knowledge and skills to combat crime and other threatening situations that may arise. Our staff are well disciplined and neatly turned out. We have a non-racial, mixed gender staff; all equally, well trained who are capable of carrying out their daily assigned duties on the sites and no description of any kind is made. We are therefore able to match our staff to suit our client needs and prevailing conditions on site.

Our customer’s security requirements are taken seriously, sites to be protected are thoroughly examined and a comprehensive plan of action is designed to suit the task. Management considers continuous feedback from our clients and staff on how improvements to security can be made and with our clients knowledge and approval are implemented.

Our areas of operation for guarding services only includes, but are not limited to the Northern Areas of Durban, which includes:

  • Durban North
  • Umhlanga Rocks
  • La Lucia
  • Mount Edgecombe
  • Phoenix
  • Kwa Mashu
  • Inanda