Placing an undercover operative into a Workforce is one of the most efficient and cost effective means for an employer to investigate malfeasance in the workplace. Undercover information corroborated by employee interviews, provides the Employer with sufficient evidence to sustain a discharge for Criminal Prosecution.

It also provides Management with an understanding of how these events took place to prevent reoccurrence. Posing as regular Company Employees or a Contract Employee, our Undercover Agents can assist in identifying and isolating your existing exposure to loss, which should be your first objective.

The Undercover investigation is also an enormous effective weapon in the battle to prevent loss control.

A substantial percentage of all operating, control and administrative expenditures are justified only by their loss preventative potential, and unless the realization of that potential is audited through undercover and other methods, the activities are futile exercises and the funds have been wasted.

Undercover Agents are also a valuable source of information regarding weak links within the Security network and can provide information on to whether or not security protocols are being maintained, thereby ensuring an ongoing audit of security operations.

In many cases our Undercover Agents are infiltrated into Security operations, while they perform standard Security Officers duties, they are also utilized to ensure the integrity of the Security Officers by reporting on potential collusion between Security Officers and criminal elements.

Our Agents are in a position to provide a vast amount of information not otherwise available to higher-level management. Grassroots information is provided which bypasses middle management. Agents are placed inside your Organization as normal workers and they are employed as anyone else. They integrate themselves with other workers and become “one of the boys”.